Workshops & Retreats

Every now and then we do workshops in London as well as take part in retreats in sunny places. 



WORKSHOP with Stefan

NOVEMBER 11, 2:30 - 4:30 PM

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, it is estimated that the body has 72,000 energy channels (nadis), with one central channel mapping the spinal chord and two intertwining pathways crossing at the 7 energy centres (chakras) from the crown of the head to the base of the pelvis. Each nexus (visualised as flowers, spinning wheels etc.) have various associations in an effort to dig deep into the energetic body beyond the physical.

In this 2-hour workshop, Stefan will lead you through the 7 chakras, their colours, elements, sounds (mantras) and visualisations.

The first hour will be a solo practice working with each of the energy centre, leading into related poses.

The second hour will be a partner flow with poses done in pairs also touring each of the chakras working to explore what is called the subtle body.


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Ease Into Inversions and Balances

WORKSHOP with Andy

DECEMBER 9, 3:30 - 5:30 PM

Are you ready to challenge yourself and face your fears? Do you want to experience a breakthrough with your yoga practice? In this fun and interactive workshop you will will get the opportunity to break down the fun practice of arm balances and inversions.

Come and learn techniques from Andy that will allow you to take off into crow with ease and give you the courage to turn your life upside down in a headstand. Suitable for ALL levels, you will walk away with new insights into the more basic arm balances and inversions and also those trickier poses such as handstand, side crow, and tripod headstand. This is going to be an awesome workshop to connect to your core, apply correct alignment and gain confidence.

We will be working together LOTS in pairs to support and connect with each other — it will be a SUPER FUN day regardless of your experience. You'll be handstanding and headstanding your way into the holidays. 


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naked yoga holiday

The lotus tree gay guesthouse, south of France

23 - 27 May 2019

 Join me in the secluded town of Montclus for a relaxing and invigorating holiday of poolside yoga in the South of France.

Three days of yoga include:

  • Early morning meditation and breathing exercises

  • 2 hour asana class every morning

  • 60 minute evening yoga session, including partner yoga

Holiday includes 4 nights accommodation, welcome dinner and drinks, daily breakfast and lunch as well as full use of the Lotus Tree pool, gym and gardens.

€450 (supplements apply for double or studio rooms)


NKD Fitness & Yoga Holiday

Villas Blancas, Gran CanariA

17-24 June 2019

Our 2019 NKD Holiday is a liberating fitness and yoga retreat in the sun. Have you ever wanted to go running on the beach naked? Or maybe you like the idea of a naked workout or a relaxed yoga session on the sand, with a dip into the sea when you need to cool down.

You’ll be sharing the experience with a friendly group of like-minded guys and NKD hosts Paul & Stefan. We aim to make everything friendly and sociable. All fitness levels are welcome and there will be plenty of choices of activity from beginners to advanced. We are offering a range of fitness and yoga activities. The holiday includes:

  • Seven nights accommodation

  • Five full days of Fitness and Social activities

  • An extra full day to recover and rejuvenate

  • Shaded outdoor area so we have more room to exercise outside

  • Exercise to music classes outside

  • Saturday night party and night out (for those who still have the energy)

  • Price includes half board (Breakfast and Evening Meal) and airport transfers to the resort

Bookings open 20 October 2018 with special £50 discount until 1 December!

£869-969 (supplements apply for single rooms)