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Stefan has been an active yogi since 2004, having discovered the powerful physical and spiritual practice after a serious running injury. He completed his yoga teacher certification (RYT 200) in mid-2017. He believes that, through yoga, everyone can tap into the energy and awareness contained within.

His classes always encourage connection with the breath and its link with the movement of the body. He believes in intuitive movement and a slow flow so that his students can really integrate the teachings and grow their own practice. He also pays particular attention to the language and imagery he uses while teaching and fits a few jokes in along the way to make it all a fun experience!



Yoga has been a big part of Andy's life for several years now, but after leaving a band that had toured the world for two years, Andy knew he had to make it the main focus in his life, to manage his body, energy, stress, and happiness. He has been a full-time yoga teacher in London since 2014. 

Andy teaches Power Yoga – a flowing, energised dynamic vinyasa, with influences drawn primarily from the Baptiste Yoga tradition, but also some elements of Forrest Yoga. He is passionate about bringing breath to every movement on the mat, and his classes are fun, light-hearted and empowering. Andy simply wants every one of his students to leave his classes feeling lighter, taller, clearer, happier, energised, and above all else, completely awesome.  




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I've never done yoga before? Can I attend?

Beginners are welcome! Being active does help get in the groove of things. Please RSVP for class and let us know of any injuries or stiff muscle/joints we should bear in mind.


Why naked?

Naked Yoga is a form of naturism/nudism, being one with nature. Without clothes, there is a new level of freedom and new level of exploring the capacities of the body and one's own relationship to it. Naked Yoga allows for a deeper connection with one's own body and the embrace of the full spectrum of energy.


What if I get aroused?

Energy rises. It happens and is completely natural. Our class focuses on breath and movement so we continue that focus. The class is not sexual and any untoward behaviour is not acceptable.


What do I need?

We appreciate if you can bring a towel and a mat. If you don't have a mat we have a few extras you can use on site.


How much does it cost? How do I pay?

Group classes are £15. Through GymCatch you can now buy 5 classes for £60 (valid for 3 months). You can still confirm your attendance via Meetup and pay cash but GymCatch is the best way to confirm your attendance and arrive without needing to worry about cash.  

IS there an age restriction?

We accept men from 18 upwards to our class. We do have a rate for students upon inquiry. 


is the class for gay men?

We are open to all men, regardless of sexuality. 


Do I need to bring  a partner for the pair (Partner) Class?

No. You are welcome to bring one if you like but the class focuses on poses done between two people. We focus on rooting in your own energy while also connecting and collaborating with another to achieve new depth in yoga poses. 

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